Students With Children

There is additional support that is available to students who have responsibility for dependent children.

Please contact the Advice and Representation Centre for further advice; Advice Zone in the Aston University Hub can also provide advice on this issue; .

Funding for students with children

Parents’ Learning Allowance (Home students only)

Parents’ Learning Allowance (PLA) is there to help students pay for course-related costs. The PLA is for full time students with dependant children. The amount you get is means tested on your household income, including the income of any spouse or partner. If a couple are both full time students, they can both apply for PLA.

When applying for your student loan, you are asked if you wish to apply for PLA. You will need to provide details about your children in order that you can be assessed for PLA. 

Childcare Grant (Home students only)

Childcare Grant is available for full time, home undergraduate students. Childcare Grant can pay up to 85% of your childcare costs both during term time and in the vacations. 

To be eligible for Childcare Grant, you must use registered or approved childcare. You cannot apply for Childcare Grant if you are getting help with childcare through Working Tax Credit/Universal Credit. Childcare Grant is available for parents with children aged up to 15 or up to 17 if they have special educational needs. The amount which you get depends up on your household income.

Childcare Grant is paid in three instalments, at the same time as your student loan.

Applying for Childcare Grant

When you apply for student finance, you are asked if you wish to apply for Childcare Grant. You will need to provide details about your children in order that you can be assessed for Childcare Grant. You also need to fill in a Childcare Grant application form (CCG1). Your childcare provider has to complete part of this form for you. This form asks you to estimate the childcare grant that you will need for the year.

You will then be asked to confirm the childcare that you have used each term on a Childcare Grant confirmation form (CCG2) which Student Finance England will send to you.  Your childcare provider must sign the CCG2 forms for you.

Free nursery places

All children aged 3+ are entitled to a free nursery place of 5 sessions per week. Each session lasts 2.5 hours. If you want additional childcare you will need to pay for this.

Aston University Nursery

Aston University has a nursery on site. 

For further information please contact the nursery:

0121 204 4562