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3 Reasons to Run in the Autumn Elections That Can Help Boost Your CV!

Nominations for the Aston Students’ Union elections are now open! There are various roles you can nominate yourself for or you can Recommend A Friend in the 2021 Autumn Elections.

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Nominations for the Aston Students’ Union elections are now open! There are various roles you can nominate yourself for or you can Recommend A Friend in the 2021 Autumn Elections.  


Positions available to run for in the elections are:  

NUS Delegate


Postgraduate Officer


Disabled Students' Officer



Click on each position to learn more about the role!  


Here are the top 3 reasons why YOU running in this year’s 2021 Autumn Elections can help boost your CV!  


1.     You Can Make A Difference 

Employers search for candidates that have a sense of social responsibility. By running in the elections you can demonstrate this through applying for a position in the elections. The position that you apply for indicates your passion for specific change and that you are willing to give your time to making positive social change in your community. Furthermore, it showcases that you are willing to put others before yourself by running in the elections to improve their student experience.  


2.      You Gain Transferable Skills  

You’ll be able to develop and gain new skills in the role, all roles will provide great examples of skills for your CV! By running in the elections, you will have the chance to do many things. These include, prepping for your campaign, designing, writing, and recording your manifesto, talking to peers about why they should vote for you and you will also participate in candidate training. Through these activities you will build organizational skills (running a campaign alongside your studies), confidence and communication (by talking to your peers), and lastly, becoming a leader (showcasing to your peers that you care about their representation). 


3.     Develop Your Networks and Meet New People  

Through this experience you will meet new and interesting people. You will have a chance to meet our Full-Time and Part-Time Officers, Marketing Team, Students Activities and Voice Team, and other staff and students. By running in the elections you can build your network the connections that you’ll make with like-minded individuals.  


If these reasons haven’t convinced and you have further questions/concerns please don’t hesitate to contact our Student Voice Team at  


So what’s next?


There are a few things you'll need to do - firstly, you'll need to think about which role you'd be best suited for. Read through the Officer Roles if you're still unsure.

Then you'll need to create a manifesto to show potential voters why you'd be the best candidate to vote for. This can be text-based, or a visual manifesto (made on Publisher, Photoshop, GIMP, Canva, or a similar programme) - or you can submit both.

After the nomination period has closed, you must attend a training session; check the schedule above for details. You'll also need to get your photo taken by the Students' Union's Marketing team. If you don't get a photo taken, your nomination will be removed from the election.

Click here to take part in the 2021 Autumn Elections.


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