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What is South Asian Film Society (SAFS)? We are more than a society, rather a family at university whose aim is to nurture a growing camaraderie, for those who want to learn and understand our South Asian history, culture and traditions through films. We are an inclusive network, opening you to networking opportunities as well as a chance to strengthen your interpersonal skills which can be applied to personal and professional life. Likewise, your SAFS is not limited to delivering only fun, socialising events (like outdoor ventures and theatrical experiences). We will also be hosting collaborative events as well as a signature SAFS event so stay tuned for these!
Growing up as first/second-generation immigrants, South Asian films were quite often our first source of representation in media. From iconic Bollywood classics to soulful Mollywood portrayals, we all see roots of our culture, traditions and beliefs every day in films. With countless varieties of film genres and direction styles; the evolution of South Asian Film entertainment has sparked many conversations. Screenplay varies from authentic rustic narratives to seat edge thriller movies, yet, all stories in these films educate and initiate discussions. Here at Aston, your South Asian Film Society is a non-judgemental and affable space to have insightful as well as light-hearted expressive interpretations of South Asian films. 
On top of the film screenings, we will host exciting activities including escape rooms, Kahoot quiz nights, bowling tournaments, charity screenings and more! This inclusive, non-judgmental environment is for you to meet new people and experience invaluable things. SAFS is open to support you will all aspects of university life here at Aston so the perks are endless :) 
Join SAFS today or drop us a message on Instagram (@safs_aston) for any enquiries.

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