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Heyy everyone! Welcome to the official page for Aston's Sociology Society! The place to talk all things Sociology. This society is for EVERYONE, not just for Sociology students! £3 to join - same price as a Tesco meal deal! If there's any place to make your MARX in society, it's here with your SocSoc :)

Be sure to keep up to date on all of our social media pages

  • Facebook - Aston Sociology Society
  • Instagram - astonsocsoc
  • Twitter - AstonSociology

Your commitee for 2018/19 is made up of:

  • President - Nilima Akhtar (Final Year Sociology)
  • Secretary - Faiza Afzal (Second Year International Relations and Sociology)
  • Treasurer - Fatma Elasouad (Final Year International Relations and English Language)
  • Education Officer - Banita Virdee (Second Year Sociology and English Literature)
  • Social Events Officer - Rhian Solomon (Final Year Sociology)
  • Social Events Officer - Katie Rose Wright (Final Year Psychology and Sociology)
  • Marketing and Social Media Officer - Hannah Shawn (Final Year Psychology and Sociology)
  • General Committee Member - Hailey Tumlinson (Final Year Psychology and Sociology)

Keep your eyes peeled for some amazing events in TP2. We hope to introduce weekly study sessions and debate hours, community social work, alcoholic and sober events and fundraisers. This society can't work without you. Yeah, that's right. You... reading this right now! Can't wait to see you all soon! :)


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No elections are currently running