Sexual Health

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Sexual Health is one of those taboo subjects that everyone is a little embarrassed or squeamish about. We're here, as the Union, to tell you it doesn't need to be!

Everyone needs to understand and enjoy good sexual health, regardless of religious or cultural belief, so it's always worth knowing the facts. The first big point is that Sexual Health isn't just important for those having sex!

There are some great resources on the NHS website about staying 'healthy' for both men and women. There is also some brilliant info about trans health


Now for some, it may be that you have a lot of questions, and that's GREAT! We couldn't possibly answer every single question you have, especially as we have questions of our own. However, again the NHS comes to the rescue; a great site for getting info, even if you think you know it all, is


The Union does try to help out with Sexual Health as much as possible, mostly providing free contraception or a listening ear if you need it, but we are not qualified to diagnose or medically assist. 


Our friends over at the Halcyon Medical Centre in the city centre boots are around to give medical advice, should you ever need it. There is also a sexual health clinic just next door where you can go chat to qualified professions and get advice, resources and assistance.