Student Representation

Student Representation

What is Student Representation?

At Aston, there are loads of ways you can have a say on your course and your wider academic experience. One way is through the Student Representation System, which empowers you to get involved and help improve the experience of current and future Aston students. So if you want to make a change on your course, or in your department, then the system is here for you.

The system works by ensuring that your academic interests are represented by a fellow student, called a Student Representative, or Student Rep for short. Student Reps work with the University and the Students’ Union to ensure that your views and opinions are heard and acted upon. This ensures that the University and Students’ Union are working for you by making changes that improve your university experience. We believe that you should have ownership of your education, and being able to have a meaningful say in your university experience is a key part of that. 


So what do Student Reps do?

Student Reps ensure that your academic interests are represented to the University and Students’ Union. They do this by:

  • Gathering your views, opinions and concerns relating to your course or experience here at Aston
  • Relaying this feedback to staff at the University, Students’ Union and other Student Reps, and collaborating to produce solutions
  • Letting you know the outcome of any discussions, decisions or changes made as a result of your feedback

The dedicated work of Student Reps is key to improving the experience of students at Aston. However, they need your support by providing them with your feedback so that they can represent you effectively.


What can you get from being a Student Rep?

All Student Reps are volunteers; ultimately, it's down to you to get the most out of your role, but the SU is here to help you along the way. You’ll also benefit from:

  • Being part of a growing community of Student Reps interested in improving the experience of all Aston students and researchers
  • Getting more involved with your course and department, working in partnership with staff and learning how the University works
  • Representing your fellow students and making a real difference to their experience
  • Gaining skills that assist in your personal development and help to improve your employability

There are also a number of reward and recognition schemes to show Student Reps how much we appreciate their work. These include the Rep of the Month awards, and the Academic Awards towards the end of the year.


How can I be a Student Rep?

Becoming a Student Rep is easy! All you need to do is nominate yourself in your relevant Student Rep election, which will typically be held in October. You just need to be a registered student who is interested in representing your cohort. These elections will be advertised by your course staff, and if you would like to find out more information you can email the Students' Union Voice department at

If a Rep election is open, you will see it below:
No elections are currently running

If you have any questions then please contact the Student Voice Team.