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About Aston SU

Aston Students' Union (ASU) is located at Aston University, Birmingham, UK. We represent and support around 18,500 students, providing them with a number of commercial and non-commerical services.

Since 2014, Aston SU has been affiliated to the UK's National Union of Students.

Aston SU was established in 1966 and is funded by a grant from Aston University and by funds raised by the SU's commercial services.

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Contact Information

WEBSITE https://www.astonsu.com/
EMAIL union.reception@aston.ac.uk
PHONE +44 (0) 121 204 4855

Opening Hours

TERM-TIME 9AM - 12AM, Monday - Friday
OUT-OF-TERM 8AM - 5PM, Monday - Friday

Please note that the above times are for the building as a whole. The opening times of individual services, such as B4 BAR, SU Shop, etc will vary.

Strategic Framework

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Aston Students' Union Activities

Aston SU has various services, aiming to represent, support and advise members. These services include clubs and societies, fairs, volunteering and charity (Raise and Give (RAG)), campaigns, radio and other extracurricular activities.

Clubs and Societies

Aston SU has over 110 clubs and societies, including club sports such as basketball, cricket, fencing, golf, hockey, rugby, table tennis, and tennis. The system allows students to join a limitless number of clubs and societies according to their interests: academic, career, faith, cultural, sports, art and general interest.

Officer Positions

Aston SU is a student-led democratic organisation. Every year new officers are elected by the students of Aston University to represent and support students throughout the year. View an officer's page to see more about their role and responsibilities.

Full-Time Officers


The President represents students by communicating students’ ideas and concerns to the Union and initiating changes in order to improve the quality of students’ experience.

Vice President of Education

The VP Education works closely with Aston University and represents students on the academic level.

Vice President of Student Activities

The VP Student Activities is responsible for extracurricular activities, organising events and helping students to get involved with clubs and societies.

Vice President of Welfare

The VP Welfare manages students' general well-being, supporting them throughout the student experience and providing with advice when needed.

Vice President Communities

The VP Communities plays a vital role in bridging the gap between various student communities and networks that exists and the students' union

Part-Time Officers

Locations & Facilities


Aston SU moved to a brand new £10m building, located next to the ASV sports pitch in the heart of the campus. There are various facilities available in the SU, including study areas, prayer facilities, coffee shop and more.

April 2018

Aston students and staff buried a time capsule (to be opened in 50 years in 2068) underneath the new Students' Union building.

Aston Student Advice

Aston Student Advice provides students with professional, independent, free and confidential advice and representation.

The Student Advice can help students with:

  • Academic advice
  • Accommodation rights
  • Money advice
  • Employment rights
  • Consumer rights
  • Hate reporting

The Lounge: Bar and Restaurant

The Lounge is the student Bar and Restaurant located on the First Floor of Aston Students' Union.

The Lounge is a great place for students to relax, have fun with friends and enjoy the sunshine on the balcony with a beautiful view on Aston Campus.

SU Shop

The SU shop on the Ground Floor of the Students' Union sells a variety of essential day-to-day items such as food, clothing, stationery, greetings cards, stamps, medications and household products.


On-Campus Housing

Aston Student Village (ASV) is owned and managed by Unite students. The University has a guaranteed allocation of rooms set aside for first years. More information and application forms for new and returning students can be found at Accommodation | Aston University

Aston Student Homes (ASH)

Aston Student Homes (ASH) is owned and managed by Aston Students’ Union and is endorsed by Aston University. ASH is the official Students’ Union accommodation support service set up for the mutual benefit of private landlords/agents and Aston students.

ASH is not a Lettings Agency and we do not ‘match up’ students with landlords, however, students are referred to us for all queries relating to accommodation. We advertise a wide range of accommodation including large city student developments, traditional houses, self-contained flats/studios, rooms in shared properties, short-term accommodation and homestay properties.

Our aim is to offer a wide choice and to help you find good quality private accommodation.

The Green

Situated only ten minutes walk from the University, The Green is a unique student housing project for primarily for Aston University Students. It was developed some 35 years ago by the Union in partnership with a local housing association Midland Heart. A pocket of 52 Victorian terraced houses were modernised and converted to 60 flats. The project comprises, thirty-two 3 person flats, eight 4 person flats and twenty self-contained one bedroom flats. The 1 bedroom flats can accommodate couples without children or single students (postgraduates and final years are given preference).

The flats were converted and furnished specifically to meet the requirements of students. The only items that students need to supply are cooking utensils, crockery, cutlery and bed linen. All of the flats are fully double-glazed, have showers over baths and are fitted with gas-fired central heating with residents having complete control over when their heating is on.

The site has a token operated launderette with tokens available from the Union Shop. There is no shortage of parking on the streets surrounding the site. Aston Brook Green is well illuminated, covered by CCTV and landscaped with trees and large grassed areas.

Aston Brook Green has its own wireless network. Access to the network is FREE to all residents.

The aim of the project was to provide affordable accommodation for students: in 2019/20 the rent for a bedroom in a 3- or 4-bedroom flat is £58 per week and for a 1-bedroom flat £103 per week. During the renovation of the site, the front doors were moved from the street side of the properties to the rear. The central area has been opened up and there are large grassed areas. Between 150 and 160 students are accommodated here, and because of its relatively small size compared to other student halls, the residents form a close community which is appreciated by all who live there.

Notable Alumni

Sir Adrian Cadbury

Sir Adrian Cadbury has been a major philanthropic donor to Aston University, funding the lake, lecture theatres and hardship funds. New SU building is named with thanks for the generous contribution he provided and in recognition of his time and friendship to the University. Sir Adrian, was Chancellor of the University from 1979 to 2004. This connection to Aston meant a great deal to Sir Adrian, and he describes, in his own words, the impact of this.

“I have had a long association with Aston from when it was a Technical College, through to it becoming a college of Advanced Technology and a university in 1966. I became a member of the University Council and then succeeded the first Chancellor, Lord Nelson, in 1979.

As Chancellor, I had a wonderful opportunity to be involved in the life of the University. I had a formal role on the ceremonial occasions and beyond that I was welcome to be involved in anything where I could support the University.

What I appreciated from that involvement was the personal contacts and friendships with the interesting and remarkable people, who gave life to the University. From Vice-Chancellors to students. The University has a family feel and I enjoyed being accepted into that family.

I took a few classes in the Business School. This kept me in touch with those studying here for whom I have the highest regard, particularly for all they do for the community.

My advice to students would be to aim high and never underestimate your abilities and what you can achieve if you persevere.”

Photo by Robert Taylor (www.taylor-photo.co.uk)

Keith Robson

Keith Robson was the first President of the Guild, elected in 1966. He was heavily involved in the building process of the Students’ Union, supporting the activities of the Guild and encouraging the involvement of students in the Union while the building was under construction.

One of Keith’s achievements was the introduction of a sabbatical year for the President instead of a part-time post. Today Aston SU has four full-time officers.