want to see change: start a campaign

Campaigns are a great way to raise awareness of an issue to work to encourage a change to happen whether this is a policy change, action or cultural change. All a campaign is is an chain of actions that lead to completing the ultimate purpose of a campaign. 

As your Students' Union we are always working to support you to champion the voice of students and campaign for a better University and wider society. Education is more that than topics you study but a defining factor in creating a fairer, more prosperous society and students are the future leaders of that society.

Do you have a campaign in mind?

Is there something that you think should change? Or is it more that students should be more aware of an issue? Well the Student Voice team is here to help you start and run your own campaigns. 

The team can help you plan out your campaign and what actions you may need to take for your campaign to be a success. So if you are ready to start then just get in touch with the student voice team.

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