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your say - your union - your way

Aston Students' Union is a student-led, democratic and not-for-profit organisation that is here for its members, registered Aston students, to:

  • represent the academic and non-academic interests of its members
  • provide a range of activities and forums for discussion and debate for its members
  • generally support, advise and represent its members
But what does this mean?

It means that you're in control of what we do. Your Student Officers are Aston students, elected by other Aston students, and they lead the direction of your Union. But that’s not the only way that your voice is heard; your clubs and societies are student-led and your Student Reps are students representing your academic interests to ensure you have a great Aston experience.

Everyone, and not just your elected representatives, can have a say on what they want from their Students' Union. We do this through Student Council where any member can attend to raise ideas, debate policy and vote on what they want their leaders and Union to do.

Student Council

Student Council is the main decision making body at the Students' Union. This is where every student has the power to make decisions about Aston Students' Union. This includes holding your elected leaders to account, proposing ideas, creating impactful policy and directing what you want your leaders to work on. This is:

Your say - your union - your way

A Student Council can consist of up to 200 members of the Union, from club and society committee members and Student Reps, to members of clubs and societies, to any other student that is interested. All meetings are chaired by your elected Union Chairperson who works to ensure that you stay a part of the conversation.

More information and Guidance

Below you will be able to find more information about your Unions democratic structure. This includes the Union’s governing documents and approved minutes from previous Student Council meetings.


Student Council Minutes & agendas

Minutes are taken at each Student Council so that current and future students have a record of what was discussed and decided at each meeting. These minutes are always provisional until they are approved at the next council meeting. Below you will be able to access the approved minutes from the last 5 Student Council meetings.

If you have any questions about these documents, or would like to view older council minutes, then please contact the Student Voice team by emailing

Aston Students' Union governing documents

Aston Students' Union has a set of documents that govern everything that we do. These include details on how our Trustee Board and democratic processes work all the way to what type of student groups we have and Officer roles. Through the links below you will be able to access your Unions governing documents.

If you have any questions about these documents then please contact the Student Voice team by emailing