“Aston Students’ Union is committed to sustainability, to minimising any negative environmental impact and to having a positive impact on the wider environment.


Here are 10 great things we've done this year to improve our sustainability:


1. Staff Green Champions.
2. Created a dedicated Sustainability Officer.
3. Created a Sustainability Policy.
4. Carried out a Sustainability assessment.
5. Recycling bins – replaced the old general bins we had before.

6. Removed water coolers.

7. Established a People and Planet Society

8. Student-led “Clean the campus” event.

9. Committed to no plastic bags in the SU shop.

10. Engaged with the university's Go Green initiative.


Click here to read our full Sustainability Objectives, Targets and Planned Actions for 2019 – 2020

For the 2019/20 academic year, we have elected a dedicated Sustainability Officer. The Sustainability Officer replaces the previous combined role of the Equalities and Environment Officer.  We have also nominated 2 permanent members of Students’ Union staff to act as Green Champions and to ensure that sustainability and green issues have a strong voice.


Aston Students’ Union is committed to being sustainable in everything we do, from clubs and societies to the construction of the new Students’ Union building. We are working with the university on the internal Go Green initiatives and we have signed up to work towards the national Green Impact Accreditation. We have lots of work underway so watch this space for opportunities to get involved.”  

aston Students' Union Sustainability POlicy

Please click here to access the Students' Unions Sustainability Policy


Sustainability Officer responsibility:

The Sustainability Officer works to ensure that the students' union and university act in a sustainable and ethical way. The officer works with students' union colleagues and university to drive a sustainability culture at Aston. The officer leads on ethical and environmental projects and sustainability campaigns.

Sustainability contacts:

Harry Sheppard - Sustainability Officer

Richard Broome - staff Management Lead

Nadine Al-Kudcy - staff Green Champion

Lois Gaskell - staff Green Champion


Aston Students’ Union Sustainability Achievements 2019/20

In 2019/20, we have achieved a Very Good Green Impact Students’ Union award, which is an improvement from 2018/19.


Aston Students’ Union Sustainability Achievements 2018/19

This year we have scored a total of 101 points in Green Impact Students’ Unions, which gives us a “Good” Accreditation mark. Next year, we are hoping to improve and achieve Very Good or Excellent.


In a challenging political and global climate, it is unions, universities, colleges and communities leading the way on sustainability. Students’ unions have excelled, implementing and embedding good environmental practices, while expanding their engagement with sustainability to integrate social, political and economic factors.


2017/18 has marked the 11th year of GISU, and to ensure the programme continues to meet the sustainability challenges and opportunities faced by students unions, the toolkit is in its second year

of focusing on fewer, more meaningful actions to best equip students unions’ to properly embed sustainability. This renewal has led to a year of learning, navigating new issues and better critical reflection.


70 unions have engaged with the programme this year, with 61 reaching the audit stage. A total of 14,099 points were awarded across the 50 sustainability actions each union could complete

through the Green Impact toolkit. This is a significant achievement encompassing a breadth of activities from campaigning and influencing to conducting sustainability research and inducting and training student and staff members. These results are the collective achievement of all the students, officers and staff members involved in your local Green Impact committees or working groups.

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