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We work with leading businesses across a wide range of sectors (commercial, pharmaceutical, engineering, technological, legal…) to organise employer-led and employability skill session events to maximise your opportunity to network/connect with the world’s biggest and most innovative brands! In the past years, these included Shell, Capgemini, Microsoft, and Deloitte - just to name a few!

If you want to expose yourself to these companies who are actively scouting for new talents for their company, don’t hesitate to join us! This is a great opportunity not only to learn more about top employers and their tips to maximise your chance during a job applications and but also to find great placement schemes, graduate jobs and other opportunities!

As a member of this award-winning society you would:

  • Gain insight into different industries, companies and their departments – how they operate and what they’d expect from you
  • Attend virtual workshops to develop valuable skills (e.g. effective networking, how to sell yourself)
  • Access super exclusive event with the companies.
  • Inclusive job opportunities only for ABF members.

We will be hosting various events throughout the year including social events and events with leading companies in a variety of different sectors.

If you would like to attend any of our events, please ensure you have signed up for the event.

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  • ‘Most Diverse Society of the Year’ in 2012/13
  • ‘President of the Year’ in 2014/15
  • ‘Most Inclusive and Diverse Society of the Year’ in 2016/17
  • ‘President of the Year’ in 2016/17
  • ‘Best Impacts with Campus Networks’ in 2018/19
  • ‘Society of the Year in 2019’ in 2018/19
  • ‘Best Impacts with Campus Networks’ in 2019/20
  • ‘Society of the Year in 2020’ in 2019/20
  • 'Society of the Year in 2020/2021'

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