Student Activities Executive Committee

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Student Activities Executive Committee

The Student Activities Executive Committee meet weekly (during term time) to discuss matters relating to student activities, review grant applications, and to help organise and run student activities events. The "SA Exec" are here to represent the views and opinions of all students that are involved in a club and/or society. They work alongside the Vice President (Student Activities) and the Student Activities staff team to support, promote, and improve club and society opportunities. The committee has direct input into all matters club and societies, and are here to represent student members.

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Ed fairey


Hi my name is Ed and I am your Student Activities Chairman for the 2021-22 Academic Year. I am a final year BSc Business and Politics student.

My role within the student activities executive committee (SA Exec) is to organise and run the meetings that take place between the SA Exec and ensure that all decisions made during the meetings are in the interests of all students on campus and that the committee follow up and act on the decisions that are made.

Ffion Williams

Events & Fundraising

Hi, I’m Ffion a final year Business and Management student and this year’s Events and Fundraising rep.

During the year I hope to encourage the engagement of all students through our events ensuring that they are safe and accessible to all. I will help the VPSA and the Exec team adapt our events to the ever-changing guidelines making sure that they are as good as ever! I will encourage and support all clubs and societies’ fundraising goals, motivate bigger targets and boost idea to help them reach it.

Sacha palmer

Media & Design

As Media and Design Representative I create exciting and attractive digital content to represent students’ activities. Getting involved in the activities set up by clubs and societies as well as the Students' Union is the best way to keep up interactions with friends and to balance your lifestyle between work and pleasure.

I am very excited to create content for events and to collaborate with clubs and societies to show off the creative ways in which they have continued to interact with their members.


Gina Perry

Welfare & Development

Hi I'm Gina, I'm a final year psychology student, a member of Aston dance club and also your welfare and development rep on SA exec for 2021-2022!

My role involves working alongside the VPSA to ensure student safety within clubs and societies as well as organising first aid training and look after your mate training for committees.

I'm really looking forward to taking on this role and bringing mental health awareness to clubs and societies at Aston!

Amandeep Singh

Society Representative (Faith & Culture)

Hi, my name is Amandeep Singh. I’m a Final Year Biochemistry Student and have previously been the Sikh Society President at Aston, which I enjoyed a lot.

Currently I am the 2021/2022 Faith and Culture Representative for the Aston Student Union. In this role I provide a link of communication between the Faith and Culture related societies and the Student Union. I also promote events such as the Annual Christmas Party to committee members of those societies. Attending weekly meetings to discuss organisation of events is also part of this role.

This is a great opportunity and I’d recommend this role to anyone who wants to get involved with helping clubs and societies.

Raiyan Hossain

Society Representative (Academic)

Hello! My name is Raiyan. I am a 2nd Year Student studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering and also Academic Society Rep for 2021-2022. My role is to communicate between the SU and the academic societies representing their views and opinions. Getting involved in Academic societies outside of lessons is a great way to deepen the understanding of your course alongside meeting people from other years. Joining academic society other than your selected course helps us broaden our horizons for knowledge but also network with people outside your course.

My aim is to strengthen this networking relationship by aiding more society collaborations. If you have any queries, feel free to email me. Oh, and my favourite sport is Badminton. 

Cameron Banks

Society Representative (General Interest)

I am Cam, a final year Mechanical Engineering student.

I have been a part of many societies, and been on the committees of Harry Potter, Debate and Drama societies. I hope to be an approachable person who will be your voice in the SU to help you make the most of their resources and everyone has the best experience possible.

Martha Meara

Club Representative

My name is Martha Meara and I am one of the Club Representatives for the SA Exec this year. I am now in my final year, studying Politics & Economics and a member of Aston Cheerleading Club.

I am looking forward to working with all of Aston’s fantastic Clubs, Annas, and the rest of the SA executive committee to ensure Aston student's views are represented and that we have a great year of events and activities.

Megan Ballard

Club Representative

Hi, I’m Megan a final year Business and Psychology student and Vice President of Dance. This year I am also one of your club representatives :)


I have been an active member of the SU since my first year and I’m excited to work with the rest of the committee and SU staff this year to make sure all clubs are listened to as well as ensuring queries and suggestions are properly taken into consideration. I can’t wait to have a great year with everyone!