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What is the NUS?

The National Union of Students was founded in 1922, as part of a general desire for peace after the First World War. Ivison Macadam, its first president, was an ex-serviceman, whose experiences had given him an international outlook.

For over 90 years, NUS has worked on behalf of students and students’ unions. NUS campaigning work has resulted in many positive changes within higher and further education, improving the lives of thousands of students

NUS has a proud heritage of making students’ lives better. While the challenges and obstacles it has faced over the years have shifted momentously, the organisation’s core mission and values have remained very much the same: to promote, defend and extend the rights of students.

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What are the National Union of Students (NUS) Delegates?

Each year, Aston students elect delegates who will go to the National Union of Students (NUS) National Conference. This year there will be four positions available to run for NUS Delegates.

NUS is an organisation formed out of ‘constituent’ students’ unions in Higher Education and Further Education across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

NUS represents students on a national scale, lobbies the government, supports individual students’ unions and campaigns on a variety of issues directed by the student membership. As a delegate, you’re a vital part of setting NUS’ direction for the year to come.

If you want to secure a change in the way Universities are run, or a government policy that impacts students, or the work NUS currently does for students, you could run to be an NUS delegate.

Nominate yourself to be a delegate by Tuesday, 19th October.

What does the NUS do?

Decolonise Education

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Education providers fundamentally cannot decolonise education themselves because of what our education and institutions were created and built upon - historical genocide, enslavement, displacement and colonialism. Read more here.

New Vision for Education

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Our New Vision for Education is Funded, Accessible, Lifelong and Democratised for all students. Read more about it here.

Don't change our student loan repayments!

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Rishi Sunak has announced that the government could change the way you pay back student loans. He wants you to start paying back earlier, before you can afford to, so that he gets more of your wages. Read More about it here.

Read more about what the NUS do for the student experience and what campaigns they are currently pushing for, by clicking the link below.

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