Aston Aunties

Do you remember your first Aston Auntie? Did they make your first week amazing? Do you want to give something back?

Aston Aunties are amazing volunteers that make the first week at Aston incredible. They support our Aston students and are there from day one to make everyone feel a part of our Aston family. They provide information, answer questions and ensure students have a safe enjoyable time at our events. 

Applications are now open for you to become the next group of Aston Aunties. Use the drop downs below to find out more information about the roles and to apply. 

Auntie Applications are now open for the welcome week 2023

Please Note: the officer team will use your application to shortlist who will be aunties. Final years will be prioritised so that you can be an auntie before you graduate.


Fresher’s Week is an exciting but also nervous time for new students joining the Aston Student community. The Students’ Union works in partnership with experienced students and the University to put on a number of events and other activities to support new student’s induction here at Aston. Leading this is our dedicated team of Aston Auntie volunteers who help these new students feel part of the Aston family.

Volunteer Role Title

  1. Aston Auntie

Key Contact

  1. The Full-time officer team, which includes the President and Vice Presidents, are the key contacts within the Students’ Union for all Aston Aunties. They can be contacted via their respective contact details found by visiting the officer pages on the SU Website.

Purpose/Summary of the Role

  1. To support, provide guidance and assist with activities during Aston Welcome week. This can include, but is not limited to, supporting the officer team, the University and most importantly Fresher’s and their families.

Description of Tasks

  1. Aston Aunties are reasonably expected to:
    1. Support the welcome activities of the Students’ Union and other areas of the University, such as the MLK.
    2. Wear an Auntie T-Shirt at all times whilst on duty.
    3. Manage the Auntie stand to provide answers to general enquiries.
    4. Assist with the enrolment process with Hub Services, providing campus and city tours and other welcome activities.
    5. Where appropriate drive Union vehicles to support welcome activities such as airport pick-ups and supermarket trips.
    6. Support with move in activities which can include: answering queries and assisting students move into flats.

Aston Aunties may also be asked to undertake other tasks that can be reasonably expected of a Students’ Union volunteer and fall under the remit of the role.

Time Commitment

  1. Aston Aunties are expected to attend a full days training that will take place during the week prior to Fresher’s Week commencing. Time commitment will depend on rotas and events that you agree to volunteer at.


Skills, Attitude and Experience

  1. There is no essential skills required to undertake the role. However, the following skills, attitude and experience is favourable and can assist in the role:
    1. The ability to work as part of a team as well as independently
    2. A positive “can do” attitude to challenges
    3. Ability to motivate others
    4. Ability to concisely communicate information to a range of audiences
    5. Ability to manage working time effectively and prioritise projects
    6. Experience and knowledge of Students’ Union services
    7. Good understanding of a representative and democratic environment
    8. Full UK Driving Licence with no points, if you are to undertake driving tasks
    9. A commitment to the principles and practices of equality and diversity

Training and Support

  1. Aston Aunties are provided with extensive training and support from the Students’ Union and University which includes:
    1. Introduction into the role and key contacts
    2. Information about the weeks activities
    3. Information regarding Students’ Union and University services

Benefits of the Role

  1. Aston Aunties can expect to receive the following benefits:
    1. Free entry and Queue Jumps to all Fresher’s Week activities including day events (if assigned to them)
    2. Aston Auntie role included on your Higher Education Achievement Record (HEAR)
    3. Free entry to an Aston Auntie thank you event at the end of your role

Application Process

  1. The application process to become Aston Aunties is through an online application form that can be found here ( All applications are then reviewed by the incoming and outgoing Sabbatical Officer team with successful applicants informed.

Relevant Policy’s or Procedures

  1. Aston Aunties are expected to adhere to all Aston Students’ Union and Aston University policies and procedures, in particular:
    1. Aston Students’ Union Membership Code of Conduct
    2. Aston Students’ Union Social Media Policy
    3. Aston Students’ Union Data Protection Policy

Contact Information

  1. More information about the Aston Auntie role can be found here ( Alternatively you can contact any of the Sabbatical Officer team by:
    1. Visiting the Officer Office located on the ground floor of the Students’ Union
    2. Email:

Applications close on 9th of August at 9 am