What is Student Voice?

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Student Voice



The Student Voice is what we call the collective opinions of students – opinions about your course, things outside your course, or anything else that affects you as a student.

It’s really important that you are given the opportunity to express your opinions about student issues, and that those opinions are listened to. You deserve the best possible experience while you’re a student at Aston.

There are lots of ways for you to make your voice heard at Aston Students’ Union.

Students’ Union Officers and Elections

Aston Students’ Union is a democratic, student-led organisation that exists to improve the student experience and represent the opinions of Aston students. Every year, 14 Aston students are elected as Officers, who have highest decision-making power at the Students’ Union.

There are four full-time, paid Officers:

There are ten part-time, voluntary Officers, who undertake their work alongside their studies:

Postgraduate Officer International Students' Officer Disabled Students' Officer LGBT+ Students' Officer Women's Officer
BAME (Black & Minority Ethnic) Officer RAG (Raise & Give) Officer Commuters Students' Officer Union Chairperson Sustainability Officer
Mature Students' Officer


Another big way that students' voices are heard is through Student Representation. Any Aston student can get involved - check out the Student Representation page for more information!