Amigo Scheme

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Amigo Scheme

Introducing our Amigo scheme!

COVID left us in an unfamiliar place, with all contact from the outside world cut off and getting through the lockdown wasn't easy by any means, but we were able to do it! And now, as the world and everyone in it begins to return to normality, we, as your SU, are here to help you adjust to the change. With our new Amigo Buddy scheme, you are NEVER alone! We understand it can be daunting and scary to come to an event on your own, even if you are interested in the club/society, that's why we are introducing the Amigos! Where a member of the club/society will buddy up with you, meet up with you beforehand and come to the events with you! Making it much easier to get involved.

To find participating clubs and societies, look for the Amigo logo!

Participating Clubs and Societies:

  • Aston Aerial Fitness
  • Dance
  • Swim/Water Polo
  • Music Society
  • Law Society
  • Womens Football
  • Drama
  • Running/Gazelles
  • Badminton
  • Aston Hong Kong Public Affairs and Social Services Society
  • Rock Society
  • To Sign Up...

    Simply click the link below to join the Whatsapp Amigos group chat, and send a message with your name, and the club/society you wish to join. Then we will do the rest and buddy you up!