New SU Building

Your New SU 

Plans have been approved for the Students’ Union to move to a brand new £10m building, located on what is currently car park 12, adjacent to the ASV sports pitch (see map below). This means the Students' Union will be housed in a purpose-built facility, right in the heart of campus. Exciting times!


March 2018

Ask Aston students what the number one thing wrong with the SU is, and the most common answer is the building. It’s been a core part of the Aston student experience for 50 years, has taken many forms and been redeveloped numerous times (roof top terrace and bar at one point) but all that is changing. As part of the campus masterplan the old building is coming down and a new one is being built. With a new building on the horizon for over a decade, there has naturally been little investment in the current space and this hasn’t helped with students' opinions of the current SU in recent years.

But all this is about to change, when in Spring 2019 the newest and freshest purpose built SU in the country will open its doors to Aston students – providing them with the space they deserve in the heart of campus, supporting the SU to deliver exceptional services and opportunities, in a purpose built building. It will be the best place on campus to develop your employability, hang out with friends, grab a drink, eat some food or simply charge your phone.

From this:

To this:

I know which one I prefer!

The process has not been easy, design by ‘committee’ can at times been tough and challenging. Numerous Presidents and officers have come and gone, each with their own view on what the space should be like, as have key Union and University staff. But the hurdles and challenges have all been worthwhile and under the watchful eye of Robotham’s architects the new space started to take shape.

Today we’re able to show Aston students, new and old, an amazing digital flythrough  - something  for everyone to feel proud of and get excited about.


The build will take around one year to complete and over that time we’ll be reporting back on progress. You’ll be able to track its daily progress via webcam and we’ll make sure our social media is awash with key events and benchmarks in the building phase. We’ll be using #newsu and hopefully have a ‘breaking the ground’ time capsule event planned for the next few weeks.

The building itself is designed as  place for all students to enjoy, hang out in between lectures, grab some food and a drink...or maybe even make your own in one of the meeting rooms. The suite of spaces/rooms will give our societies and clubs additional space on campus to organise, rehearse and carry out their activities through the day and evenings. There will be a brand new Advice and Representation Centre to help and support students, and the variety of student facing services will continue to support Aston students to shape their own amazing University experiences, from Student Voice, Student Activities, Aston Student Homes, the JobShop and of course our Student Officer team.

A huge thank you to everyone involved so far, and keep checking back for further updates.

The SU Team.