New SU Building

"The building reflects the importance to students of sustainability and inclusivity. Made of sustainable wood, it incorporates a low-carbon heating system drawing energy from more than 100 solar panels." - The Guardian
We would like to thank everyone who was involved in making this possible. Most importantly our student community who consistently keep inspiring us to get better day by day!
Building Time Line


A new 10-year Estates strategy and master plan is created. The old SU site is earmarked as the location for a new Aston University Medical School and an existing car park is the new planned location for a new SU.



Initial work and market research is carried out by Alterline, exploring students’ opinions and requirements of a new building



Robothams Architects are appointed to create some initial designs and ideas for the new SU



The new build project is paused whilst the SU goes through a restructuring process


July 2017 - October 2017

The tendering process for the build takes place and Cleggs Construction are successful.

June 2017

University Finance and Risk Committee agreed to the New Building Business Plan at a total cost of £9.7m. The new building promises to “have a positive impact on the University’s key business objectives of recruitment, retention, attainment and reputation”

June 2017

The Project Group is restarted, building on the work already carried out.

December 2017

Cleggs Construction start on the work for the new building.


February 2018

With the building underway attention turns to the interiors including the furniture, recognising this will be key for a successful student experience.

February 2018

Things are going to plan.

February 2018

A time capsule is created and placed under the building, students took part in a competition to decide what was in the capsule and to help burry it.

April 2018

The First steels go up, things start to take shape.

May 2018

Sir Dominic Cadbury vist the site to inspect his brothers legacy

November 2018

The Furniture is ordered.


January 2019

The Legacy Wall is installed in the building.

March 2019

Building is complete, staff and officers begin to move in and prepare for the May opening.

May 2019

Building is opened by Sir Dominic Cadbury.


June 2020

The Old Building is demolished.

See the difference!

Your New SU

The new building is now OPEN for you all to visit!

After leaving our beloved Students' Union building behind after its 60+ years of service, we are now delighted to welcome you to our fresh new home in the heart of the campus:

The go-to-place for generations of Aston students to come!

Wondering where to spend time with your friends?

The Lounge is our brand new bar and restaurant, on the first floor of the new SU building.

Meet friends, play pool, study, chill on the balcony or grab some tasty lunch.

The Good Place is our brand new coffee shop, on the ground floor of the new SU building!

Enjoy the high-quality coffee and a great friendly vibe at the Good Place, our brand new coffee shop, on the ground floor of the new SU building.