Club and society of the month

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Hi! My name is Amna Atteeq and I am your Students' Union President for the 2018-19 Academic Year.

I am giving away *£100* every month to 1 society and 1 club of the month (so basically £200 in total ) starting from October 2018. 

This is one of the manifesto points I've been working on, and I can announce that I have the funding to be able to fulfil it this year! 

The application form will contain 3 questions based on what events you have done, how you have engaged with your members and encouraged more students to join up to your club/society, etc. The questions will be changing every month! (Still working on the questions, but they will be linked to the SU strategy) *I want pictures too* 

You will be also featured in the Union Newsletter (Which is sent our to all Aston Students) and University screens of why you have been selected to be the club/society of the month. 

If you have been selected for the club/society of the month for February, you will not be able to enter for the award for March. My ultimate goal is to have as many societies/clubs promoted to our students to encourage them to join the SU family! 


*** This is the award for March! This month the prize is*£150*!  
If you have won club/society of the month in February 
, you cannot apply again.