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Take some time to work on you. Fika is on a mission to mainstream Mental Fitness by bringing Emotional Education to students around the world.

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What is it:

Fika is a mental wellbeing app that has been adapted since COVID-19 to specifically support YOU to stay well and cope with working remotely.


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How it can help:

It can help you to develop skills in the ‘7 pillars of mental fitness’ including self-motivation, focus and stress management.

There are programs and audio guides designed to support you through isolation and challenges like:

  • Staying connected during self-isolation 
  • Taking time for you, while living in cramped conditions 
  • Managing distractions 
  • Managing uncertainty 
  • Keeping up your motivation 

The idea is that to stay physically fit we eat well, move our bodies and push our muscles. So, to stay mentally fit we should apply the same focus to train our brains.


How to access:

Download the app on Google Play or the App Store and register with your University email. Make it part of your daily routine today.




Big White Wall

Do you need to chat? Big White Wall is a digital support service you can use to help you deal with everything from everyday stresses to major life events.


What it is:

It is a digital support and recovery service here for you when you’re feeling stressed, anxious, low or not coping. It provides an anonymous online community where you can share your troubles and feel supported. It is a safe space as it is moderated by trained professionals who are available 24/7.



How it can help:

It can help with anything that causes emotional distress, from everyday issues to major life events.


It provides:

  • 24/7 access 365 days a year helping you if other services are unavailable or if you are on a waiting list.
  • A place to express your thoughts and feelings with others who may have a shared experience.
  • A safe and anonymous peer support community.
  • Resources and learning activities to help you deal with a variety of difficulties and challenges.


Things it can't help with:

Big White Wall does not provide an official diagnosis or medical services. It should be used as a support tool, to talk, support, share and learn strategies to cope.


How to access and use Big White Wall:

Login using your University email and password at