Represent your peers - Improve the Aston experience! 

You can submit your nomination for this autumn's election below. There are three positions open in this election: Disabled Students' Officer, Postgraduate Officer, and NUS Delegate. Three NUS Delegates will be elected.

These positions are voluntary - if you are elected, you won't be paid but you will be given a budget to run your projects and campaigns. All students are eligible to vote in the elections.

Candidates will be expected to campaign electronically (via social media and messaging), rather than physically. This means that candidates will not recieve a campaign budget to campaign with. You should not spend any money to campaign in the Autumn Elections 2019.


Key dates and times


Monday 14th October 9AM Nominations Open
Tuesday 29th October 3PM Nominations Close & Candidate Photo Deadline
Wednesday 30th October 1PM Candidate Training Session
Wednesday 30th October 5PM Manifesto Deadline
Thursday 31st October 9AM Voting Opens
Friday 1st November 3PM Voting Closes


Candidate Resources

Elections Training Slides

If you're not sure about what graphics to use for your promotions, we've made a PowerPoint slide for you to customise. You'll need to customise the slide and export it as a picture for it to use. You'll also need to download the Elections font. All of this can be downloaded below, along with a detailed guide for setting up your picture:

Elections Font

PowerPoint Slide


You can also customise your profile picture with the Elections link and logo using Twibbon: Click here to set up!


Voter Stats

If you'd like to see how many people have voted so far, and their demographics, click here!

No elections are currently running