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Aston Pool and Snooker Club provides a fun, casual environment where people of all abilities can come and enjoy a few games of pool or snooker! It doesn't matter whether you've never potted a ball or play regularly, everyone is welcome. We meet every Monday and Wednesday so ample of time to practice your game! ALL TABLES FREE FOR MEMBERS in our sessions. It's a great way to meet new faces and also enjoy a break from your studies. We also hold several socials throughout the year which are always great nights out!


Membership is £10 for the year and this gives you free access to the tables in B4 Bar for our league every Monday evening (7-11pm) and free table access in Riley’s on Wednesday afternoon (2-6pm) so free for both our sessions! The pool tables are normally £1 per game (B4 Bar) or £5.95 an hour (Riley’s) so it doesn't take long for the membership to pay for itself!


> Wednesday from 2-6pm, Riley’s

Every Wednesday, we meet at the Students' Union steps at 1:30pm and walk down to Riley's Sports Bar or meet you there for an afternoon of practice! They have plenty of English and American pool tables as well as some Snooker tables so anyone can play whichever game they like. The tables here are of very good quality so it's the best place to practice for the tournaments throughout the year. As mentioned a few times before, the use of the Pool and Snooker tables throughout this session are also free with your membership!


> Monday (7pm-late), B4 Bar

We meet and play at B4 Bar (LG of Students’ Union) our weekly, year-long pool league ending with a ‘champion of champions’ tournament. This is where you get to either compete against all of our other members in the hope of winning prize money (entry fees combined and boosted by the club). This allows players (beginner to experienced) to experience what playing in a competition is like. We enforce the official English Pool Association (EPA)’s rules, which are used in all BUCs and non-BUCs tournaments throughout the year. The league table is posted in the members-only Facebook group weekly to provide more information. Occasionally, we will also like to mix it up with some competitive games like Speed Pool, Killer or just a mini tournament to name a few.

> University Tournaments (Throughout the Year), Nationwide

Every year we take teams to the 9 ball pool, English 8 pool (and hopefully snooker in 2018/19!) tournaments held by the University Pool Council. Universities from all around the country enter and it's a great opportunity to test your abilities against players from other unis! There's also several smaller tournaments held by other universities dotted around the year and these give a great opportunity to practice for the main tournaments.


Committee 2018/19

President - Jack Thompson

Vice President - Daniel Charlton

General Secretary - Callum Miley

Treasurer - Millie Jaffer

Social Secretary - George Watkins

Social Media Marketer - Sadie Lyon


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  • BUCS-UPC Eight-ball Pool Championships£58.00