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Aston University Pool & Snooker Club provides a fun, casual environment where people of all abilities can come along and enjoy English Pool, American Pool and Snooker. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve never potted a ball or play regularly, everyone is welcome!

We meet every Monday and Wednesday – so lots of time to practice your game! And it’s a great way to meet new faces and enjoy a break from your studies.




Yes…that’s £10 for the entire year! And that gives you access to the tables in The Lounge every Monday evening and Riley’s every Wednesday afternoon. The price of the membership is already earned back after 1 week in the club!

Taster Sessions

If you want to join the club come down to one of our taster sessions and say hello!

Thursday 23rd September, 6pm - 11pm: SU Lounge



> Wednesday from 2-6pm @ Shooter's (B5 4TR)  

Every Wednesday we hold practice that is open to all our club members. We have access to English & American Pool tables as well as Snooker tables. This is your best chance to practice techniques, play against other members and improve your skills. 



League Night

> Thursday from 7pm-11pm @ The Lounge | Aston Students' Union

Every Thursday we host our weekly, year-long pool league, ending with a top half tournament and bottom half tournament. This gives everyone a chance to play each other and compete for the prize money! If you wish to join the league, please contact us (details below). 


Tournaments (BUCS and non-BUCS)

> throughout the year

Every year we take teams to various tournaments all over the country, which includes following BUCS tournaments held by the University Pool Council (UPC):

  • Eight Ball Championships
  • Nine Ball Championships
  • Snooker Championships

Universities from all over the UK enter these tournaments so it’s a great opportunity to represent Aston and test your abilities against other players. There are also several tournaments held by other universities across the year. These also allow our members to represent Aston (in teams and individually), play against new people, get a feel for tournament settings, and ultimately prepare our members for the larger BUCS tournaments.

Here is a link to the official rules - http://www.wepf.org/rules_2014.pdf



> throughout the year

We host regular socials throughout the year, both drinking and non-drinking. Previously we have hosted various socials including nights out, bar crawls, mini golf, club meals, and a trip to Alton Towers.



2021/22 Club Committee


General Secretary – RUSABH SHAH

Treasurer – KIRSTY ALLAN

Social Secretary – BETHANY STANTON


Follow us on social media:

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/AstonPoolAndSnooker

Instagram – AstonPoolAndSnooker

Twitter – @AstonUniPool

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