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A Bright Future for Aston Brook Green

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The 35 year-old external lighting at Aston Brook Green is undergoing a comprehensive overhaul and is due for completion by the 17th February.  The old lampposts are being replaced by a combination of 50W and 150W low energy wall-mounted LED floodlights.   Low energy 2.5W LED bulkhead luminaires are replacing the old fluorescent bulkhead lights by each front door.   With 50% of the work already completed there is already a vast improvement to nighttime lighting levels.

The Housing Manager, Malcolm Lawrie said, “I am delighted that Midland Heart Housing Association agreed to this fantastic improvement to Aston Brook Green’s security.   The new eco-friendly lighting will even further enhance the safety of the residents and their property.”

Residents too have voiced their approval saying that, as the new lighting is focused downwards, there is less light spillage into their bedrooms.   They have also commented that the cool white of the floodlights is far better than the yellow of the old sodium lamps.

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