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Sabb Recommendations: Books and Experiences

Pawan (VP Education 19/20) Recommends

A Book to Read

  1. The Gendered Brain – Gina Rippon (Gina Rippon is a Professor Emerita in Cognitive Neuroscience at the Aston Brain Centre – I couldn’t find a way to plug this into my recommendation)

A fascinating book about gender differences with a lot of perspective from brain imaging and neuroscience meant for the general reader, The Gendered Brain provides a very nuanced and interesting discussion about gender differences and the brain along with insight into how male and female brains are more alike than one would normally think.


Apps to get onto

Scrabble Go

This is something I’ve been using a lot after starting to work from home. The challenges it presents in the various quick fire competitions have been a thorough exercise for my brain, vocabulary and strategic acumen as I seek to make best use of the letters I have and the positions on the board to score the maximum points. The best thing is, you can play it at your own leisurely pace too.


This pause has provided me the perfect opportunity to improve my basic French and take a renewed interest in learning Welsh. I am a polyglot and have always been fascinated with learning new languages. I’ve been making it a point to try and devote 5-10 minutes a day on the app to do specific excercises and improve different aspects of my French and Welsh. I can safely say my French is better than my Welsh right now. But, Dw’in mwynhau dysgu Cymraeg. Et, j’aime parle en Français beaucoup. Get onto the app, invest your time in learning a new language. You’ll have more people to speak to at the end of it all!

Virtual Experiences

The National Gallery ( offers a fantastic set of virtual experiences if you want to dip a bit into culture.
If you’re into more exotic and risque locations, Mount St Helens (  offers a great virtual tour as well.
Legoland ( promises to be great fun too!


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