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Summary of all University Communications around Exams and Assessments

We understand you have all received a multitude of communications from the University which have sought to try and define what exams, assessments and arrangements for them might look like in this altered paradigm.

Here is our attempt to distil the essence of all communications which have been sent out so you can get a sense of clarity about what to expect.

  1. Examination timetables are now available on MAP. Please check your MAP student homepage under the tab "view my examination timetable”.
  2. Exam boards will ensure no student is disadvantaged in making their decisions about degree classifications and endeavour to maintain academic quality and standards in their assessments.
  3. Assessment details including the rubrics, methods and instructions on how to complete and upload them are now available on Blackboard. Please keep checking Blackboard on a regular basis for updates. Many assessments will be time-constrained take away papers and will need to be completed within the time specified. They have all been designed to ensure students across different time zones get adequate time to complete them. All times mentioned are UK times.
  4. Please contact Digital Services in the event you experience problems uploading/submitting your work/interactive assessments with information about your programme and module code through the following avenues:
    Self-services portal: Solve


Tel: +44 (0) 121 204 3445

  1. Fit to Sit, Exceptional Circumstances, Coursework and Late Submissions
    1. You will have deemed yourself fit and equipped to take the assessment if you submit it. Your attempt will be automatically deferred to the next opportunity should you choose not to submit for any reason. Please bear in mind the deferred assessment may or may not have the same format.
    2. You will be able to obtain extensions of up to 5 working days from the deadline without having to submit an EC form for all coursework submissions (including dissertations) if you suffer any illness or have any circumstance preventing you from submitting on time. Any submissions beyond this will have standard penalties and will require you to submit an EC form to the Exceptional Circumstances Approval Panel (ECAP).
    3. Submissions after the deadline for timed assessments will be accepted only in very exceptional circumstances and will be subject to standard scrutiny by an ECAP.

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