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Top 10 Reasons We Rock

#1 We’re student-led. You elected student officers to lead the SU and call the shots.

#2 You can get more from life every day with Totum. Get out, get on it and go further.

#3 It’s a whole lotta fun! We know that getting involved in your SU will mean you have a better time at University.  

#4 If it’s sports you’re into then we’ve got you covered. With almost 40 different sports clubs to choose from, you can play for fun with your friends or represent the University every Wednesday afternoon.

#5 We’ve got your back. Things don’t always go to plan but students rated our Advice and Representation Centre as the best student facing service on campus.

#6 We have societies - groups of students doing things they love to do with other students. There’s almost 100 of them, with 1000s of members!

#7 Want a part-time job? Get yourself to the JobShop on the 1st floor.

#8 We can help you find a place to live. For many of you, accommodation is your number one cost (outside of fees). We can help find the best deal for you. 

#9 We sell hoodies. You’ve come to a University you can be proud of. We reckon you should wear that pride all day everyday with one of our Aston University hoodies.

#10 We’re getting a new building. Get ready for spring 2019…it’s going to be awesome! 


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