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Top Apps and Websites for Students!

As your SU, we have taken the time to find the BEST (hopefully) and most useful apps/sites for our students!

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We as your SU, have taken the time to research and find the BEST (hopefully) and most useful apps/sites for our students! Give a read of the list below to learn which app YOU are missing out on! ;)

  • Microsoft To Do: You can set out your to do list for the day, with a simple, clean and easy to keep track with interface.


    URL: Click Here


  • Microsoft Lens: Capture those diagrams using the black magic offered from this app, take out your phone at any angle of the lecture hall, and the app scans and aligns diagrams as if they are right in front of you.


    IOS: Click Here

    Google Play: Click Here


  • Mathway: This is one for any students in a course where you have to deal with a bunch of math problems, from simple sums to advanced formula, Mathway has got you! Not just does it figure out the solution, but tells you step by step how it solved the problem. Or can’t be bothered to type up all the workings? Use Mathway.


    Google Play: Click Here

    IOS: Click Here


  • MyFitnessPal: This app allows you to track your nutritional intake everyday, including calorie intake. Just type in what you are planning to eat during each meal and it will add it all up for you!, you can set objectives and goals to help you keep on your diet target. Don’t have time to search it? With the scanner function, just scan the barcode!


    URL: Click Here


  • Grammarly (App & Desktop): a great free tool that keeps your SPAG in check on the fly, useful for those last minute essays and writing in general.


    URL: Click Here


  • Natural Readers (Text-to-Speech): This handy tool converts text into speech, so if you find reading pages of text too boring, try this tool out! Just copy + paste and click play to hear the magic. You can even add the tool to Chrome as an extension to make it even easier!


    Online: Click Here

    Chrome Extension: Click Here


  • Timetable/Class Timetable: For the Android users without iCalendar, it’d be a good idea to download a planner app to help keep your days organised, and be able to see when each lecture/tutorial will occur.


    Timetable - Google Play: Click Here

    Class Timetable - Google Play: Click Here

    Class Timetable - IOS: Click Here



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