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Welcome to Aston Sikh Society!

About Us:

Aston Sikh Society is one of the largest and most successful Sikh Societies in the UK. 

Aston Sikh Society integrates the social aspect with learning about the basics of Sikhi.

Aston Sikh Society encourages all types of people to join; you don’t necessarily have to be a Sikh or from a Sikh background to join.

Our events range from Kirtan on campus, weekly talks and socials such as bowling, games/movie nights and meals out plus many more.

Our biggest event of the year- Langar on campus is one to attend, where we feed students and non-students around Birmingham on Aston University Campus.

2015/2016 - Aston Sikh Society was awarded with the Event of the Year award (for Langar on Campus) at the SU Colours Awards evening!

2016- Best Society SU Page

Meet 2023-24 Committee:

President: Kamraj Singh
Vice President: Jansen Singh & Karam Singh
Secretary:  Sukhveer Singh
Treasurer: Arjun Singh
Events Coordinators: Simran Kaur, Harvinder Kaur,
Marketing - Joshkirat Singh, Harveer Singh
Editors - Gurdeep Singh, Anakh Singh
Sports Coordinator: Nikhita Kaur, Manbir Singh

We look forward to seeing you at this years events to create a fun, friendly social and learning environment for all!

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