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Have you ever thought there is something more to life than what is presented in front of your eyes? Or being frustrated with circumstances which seem to be out of your control? Do you feel truly effective in your daily responsibilities as a student, at work, as a son/daughter and as a friend?

If yes… KC Soc is the right place for you!

Krishna Consciousness Society aims at the spiritual development of people and how we can achieve our full potential through identifying the really important aspects of our lives, prioritizing our goals and build the positive attitudes to reach them. Our programme this year starts with a simple question: “How would you spend your time if you had 24 hours to live?” and we move on to explore more detailed topics such as happiness, destiny and karma.

We welcome people from different backgrounds and beliefs, so that we all share our experiences together. Our discussions are led by a professional speaker to guide us through the topics.

Come along and find great friends to support you and be open to who you truly are!

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The committee this year:

Ambika Patel (President) - 07847384535

Priyanka Modi (Vice President) - 07703379151

Vidhi Panchmatia (Public Relations)  - 07849855934



KC Soc Team ♥

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