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Welcome to Aston Sikh Society!

About Us:

  • Aston Sikh Society is one of the largest and most successful Sikh Societies in the UK. 

  • Aston Sikh Society integrates the social aspect with learning about the basics of Sikhism.

  • Aston Sikh Society encourages all types of people to join; you don’t necessarily have to be a Sikh or from a Sikh background to join.

  • Our events range from Kirtan on campus, weekly talks and socials such as bowling, games/movie nights and meals out plus many more.

  • Our biggest event of the year- Langar on campus is one to attend, where we feed students and non-students around Birmingham on Aston University Campus.

  • 2015/2016 - Aston Sikh Society was awarded with the Event of the Year award (for Langar on Campus) at the SU Colours Awards evening!

  • 2016- Best Society SU Page

Meet 2022-23 Committee               

  • President: Hari Singh
  • Vice President: Kurrenvir Singh & Simrat Kaur
  • Secretary: Harpreet Kaur
  • Treasurer: Jansen Singh
  • Marketing Directors: Anakh Singh
  • Events Coordinators: Harpreet Kaur
  • Sports Coordinator: Manraj Singh

We look forward to seeing you at this years events to create a fun, friendly social and learning environment for all!


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