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General Information

Aston Tabletop Gaming is an Aston University society for board games, card games, role-playing, and anything else that can be played around a table. Whether you: have limited experience, are a casual player, or, a professional player everyone is welcome! 

Come and join the fun every Wednesday in room MB512 from 6pm until 10pm!

Membership for the full year is £5.00.

We hope to see you soon! :)

Event Details

Our primary Wednesday activity is board game night! We encourage members to bring any of their own games that they wish to play, but the money that is given via your membership fee may go towards society games which are accessible to any society member.

As a group, we have amassed a number of games, such as (and these are but a few!):

  • Coup
  • The Resistance
  • Sushi Go
  • 7 Wonders
  • Marvel Legendary
  • Fluxx games (e.g. Star Fluxx)

It may be that on off-days (so, this depends on when members are available and their time constraints) we have an impromptu board game session, or, start a role-playing campaign (using guidelines such as D&D, and Dungeon Worlds) which may continue throughout the term.

Occasionally, other activities such as laser quest, bowling and one-off shows or expos are also partaken as get together socials.

:: Committee of 2018/2019 ::

President: Jamie Watkins
Vice President: Sebastian Faint 
Treasurer: Katie Andrews
Secretary: Mairi Florence
Social Secretary: Alix Longmuir

If you're interested in the group, please feel free to contact one of the above committee members (via Facebook preferably) for queries, questions, or concerns! :]

Please join by pressing the "Add to Basket" button.

Please join our Facebook society page for details on upcoming events: 

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