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  AWB is a society where girl bosses come together to build networks with industry leading businesses and most importantly lasting friendships with likeminded females of the future! 

  Whether you are going to be taking up a Year in Industry or a Graduate role, you will be wondering what lies ahead of you in the world of work. What do you expect? What will the job be like? How do you overcome the challenges women face in business today? 

  We provide a platform to bring together and empower Aston students, equipping you with the tools, networks and insights to get ahead. Our events will give you the opportunity to: 

  • Connect with experienced professionals in today’s leading businesses. 

  • Share career journeys, industry knowledge and top tips. 

  • Aspire to a successful future. 



  Over the years we have partnered with many prominent employers such as EY, Morgan Stanley, Accenture, Danone, Deloitte, Enterprise Rent a Car, Capgemini, Bank of England, Shell, HSBC, IBM, Microsoft, L'Oreal to host events such as Employability workshops, Women Empowerment sessions and Insight days and Training. 


Accenture HomeCapgemini Introduces New FAST Commerce Solutions for Businesses to Quickly  Develop and Launch Digital Experiences at Scale on SAP Commerce Cloud |  Business WireWomen in Technology, Engineering & Consulting - Glisser Case Study  Deloitte Client Case Study - Signal AI 


  We are currently working with several companies for sponsorship in the 2021/22 academic year - keep an eye on our socials for sponsorhsip announcements!



  Aston Women in Business was founded in 2014 by Aston Student Sharena Sivlal with the aim of raising awareness about the challenges we as women face in the professional world, and also to allow women at Aston to socialise and build networks - not only with other students but also with potential businesses and future employers.  


Sharena at the 2020 International Womens Day Ball



  Upon joining the club, each member will have access to all of our upcoming events, our Whatsapp group chat and many opportunities to network!



Hey I'm Harj, this year's president of the Women in Business Society! I'm just about to start my second year studying BSc HR and Business! As a society, we're here to bring the fun, the empowerment, the networking and most of all, make up for over a year of online uni!


Hi I'm Lisha and I am the new Vice President of the Women in Business Society! I am going into my second year studying International Business and French. I'm here to support you and help you to acheive anything you want to! I'm excited to finally have some fun this year!

Hi guys it's Reena here, your Marketing Manager. Currently I'm in second year studying International Business Management. I can't wait for us all to get to know each other and hopefully inspire one another to acheive all of our dreams and aspirations, whilst still enjoying a good time!

Hiya girls, I'm Simran Patel, a BSc International Business and Management student who's currently in her second year and I'm also your new Digital Marketing Manager. Coming into my first year of uni this was the first society I joined and I loved it, the women and the online socials helped me meet some new friends! I can't wait to see what this year has to bring for our society and I know our lovely committee of girls will make this a year to remeber! x