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  • Less than 48 hours notice of the event will not guarantee crew or equipment will be available.  
  • Less than 24 hours notice of the event will incur an extra £50 charge.
  • Any damages or loss of equipment will be the club/society's responsibility 
  • Any costs for replacement or repairs will be charged to the club/society 
  • The cost to hire any equipment whilst the replacement is being sourced/repaired will be charged to the club/society .
  • Ents reserve the right to cancel an event.
  • Any form of abuse towards crew will cause the event to be terminated and the society will still be charged for any costs.
  • A member of a club/society's committee must be present and sober for the entirety of the event. If a committee member is not present/available, the Technical coordinator must be informed of this before the event starts.
  • If there isn't a club/society committee member present/ sober, then decisions fall to the Technical Coordinator.
  • All information required for an event (e.g. running order,) must be given to the Technical Coordinator no later than 2 hours before the event starts.
  • Number of crew members for events is at the discretion of the Technical Coordinator.
  • Any major change in an event (e.g opening and closing times) will be decided between Head of Security, Bar Manager, Technical Coordinator (2 out of 3 need to agree).

Ollie Nye
Technical coordinator
Aston Entertainments
07817 026962
0121 204 4821