Social Media Policy

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Welcome to Aston Students' Union's social spaces! We're all about open, honest chats and making sure everyone feels heard.


You can find our OFFICIAL digital homes on the following channels:

Instagram: @aston_su | @astonbury2024 | @aston_welcome | @astonsu_lounge | @thegreenaston | @mello_asu

LinkedIn: @astonsu

TikTok: @astonstudentsunion

Threads: @aston_su

Facebook: @astonunion

Twitter: @aston_union


Here are a few ground rules to keep our digital hangout friendly and awesome:


Engage and Share:

We love hearing from you! Drop your comments, share your pics, and send us your videos and links. Got a question? Shoot us a message, and we'll hustle to get you an answer pronto.


Respectful Conversations:

Be respectful and stay on topic during discussions. Remember, everyone's voice matters here.


What Doesn't Fly:

We're all for free speech, but some things just don't vibe with our community spirit. We will remove comments without notice that:


  • Contain racist, sexist, homophobic, sexually explicit, abusive language, or language that can be seen as offensive.
  • Promote violence or illegal activities.
  • Disrupt, bully, or impersonate an individual or an organisation.
  • Use content that breaches copyright or confidentiality.
  • Advertise products or services not approved in advance by the Marketing Department.
  • Is spam, link baiting, or is suspected to be a file containing viruses that could damage the operation of other people’s computers or mobile devices. · Include content which is in breach of Aston Students’ Union Election Rules.
  • Show content that is or links to sexually explicit material.
  • Use an offensive username or have a profile image which is violent, sexually explicit or otherwise illegal.


We're all about encouraging awareness of social, political, and ethical issues among our members. However, we don’t endorse any opinions expressed on social media unless directly posted by us.

Let's build a space where everyone feels welcome and valued. And hey, don't forget to follow the rules of each social platform too. If something's not cool or makes you feel icky, hit that report button or reach out. We've got your back.

Any questions? Drop us an email at Let's chat, have a blast, and keep this digital hangout buzzing!