Student Representative

As a Student Representative, you are encouraged to gather feedback from other members of your course. To allow you to do this, the Students' Union can allow you to use Messaging features of the Students' Union website. You can use this to get in contact with other students in your year on your course. However, it's important that you use this feature responsibly. Please read through the terms and conditions below and click 'sign up' to get permissions to use the messaging feature on the SU website. Please note that permissions usually update overnight, so in most cases you won't be able to send messages until the day after you sign up.


Please remember that students get a lot of emails, so be sparing with the communications you send! As a guideline, we wouldn't recommend sending a message more often than every couple of weeks. 

Note that if you're not a Student Representative, signing up to these terms and conditions won't have any effect.


By signing the Student Representative terms and conditions, you understand that:

  • As a Student Representative, you should only use Aston Students' Union's messaging features to send messages relating to your role as a Student Representative.
  • You remain obliged to follow the University and Students' Union Codes of Conduct, which among other things forbid repeatedly contacting other students against their will.
  • You also understand that, if you repeatedly message students after you have been asked to stop, you may be breaking the law.
  • You understand that all messages sent through the Students' Union's messaging system can be viewed by Union staff, and cannot be deleted once sent. 


Sign up to these terms and conditions