Be Prepared

be prepared for whatever your academic life throws at you

Success is all in the preparation and this campaign focuses on how your can prepare yourself for exams, graduation and whatever else you think your academic life can throw at you.

let's prep!

Preparing for Exams

It may be the end of term but you will have exams on your mind and we dont want you to worry during the break. We have created some videos to help you with the Do's and Dont's of exams. You can also check out our Do's and Dont's checklist HERE.

Exams can get to you at times, and that's nothing to be scared of. If you feel like it's getting too much for you we have amazing services at the Students' Union including the Advice and Representation Centre (ARC) or at the University (The Hub) that will be able to help you. Always make sure you reach out to us when you need help. We are here to support you and help you get through University.

preparing for the future

It’s never too early to think ahead. Don’t you think so? Have you thought about graduation yet? If you’re graduation next year, make sure you book your gowns in advance to avoid any extra fee charges. Graduation is a vital day in everyone’s life, it’s the day all your hard work pays off. You can be proud of yourself to be an Aston Graduate who has great things coming their way. Why let this day turn out horrible if you don’t book yourself your gown in advance?


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