Break the Silence

break the silence



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Your Vice President Welfare for 2020-2021, Safa-Atiya Ahmed, has launched an anti-sexual violence campaign called 'Break The Silence' for Aston University students.This is in response to National Students Union research into emerging ‘lad culture’ and sexual harassment that some students may face during their time at university.



As a student community, we are actively building safer and more inclusive spaces. We're proactively educating ourselves and others about sexual violence, and are responding to the endemic issues by empowering our community with the knowledge, skills and confidence to intervene. We also recognise that we have a responsibility to act, and are calling on every student to get involved and help make a difference! Together, we can build the respectful, safe and inclusive community that we all aspire to at Aston University. 


Why ‘Break The Silence’ ?

The word choice, ‘Break The Silence’ has been chosen for more than a singular reason. First, it emphasises on the need to dismantle the lack of conversation surrounding the topic of sexual violence. It intends to shed light on a conversation that is long forgotten and an issue we simply live in the knowledge that this affects hundreds, if not thousands, on University campuses nationwide and can continue beyond student life. Secondly, it addresses the emotions that victims of sexual violence experience, including the fear of reporting to authorities, the anxiety of speaking out and the guilt or embarrassment these individuals incorrectly place upon themselves. Together, let's break the silence, educate others, spot the signs, and don’t turn a blind eye.


Our Campaign Colours

Purple - As a cooler colour, this has been used to represent stability along with strength. It is also associated with the idea of truth and courage, in this case to break the silence around the topic of sexual violence.

Orange - Representing the idea of physical comfort, we have chosen this secondary colour as a manifestation of the need for this in difficult times. As a warm colour, it combines the strength of red and positivity of yellow. 


Our Campaign Objectives
  1. Educate students by highlighting what sexual violence is, the abuse that students experience, its signs and the consequences.
  2. Reduce the common stigma surrounding the topic within the university student population
  3. Strive to produce a practical reporting tool for Aston students to utilise
  4. Raise awareness of the support services available on campus, online and by external organisations for Aston students