Leadership Race

Your Students' Union Elections

What is it all about?

Your Students' Union is a student-led democractic organisation, but what does this mean? Well it means that we are here for you, our members, and you have an active say on what we do for you. To do this, we have loads of roles that you can undertake alongside your course, from being a club/society committee member, student rep or one of your full-time officers. To ensure that this is done in the most democractic way possible, you have a say on who will take up these roles in Leadership Races we run throughout the year.

races we run throughout the year

As you can tell we're going for a theme here, but why? An election is like a race in that loads of people can be running for only a couple of places. It is also something that is best to prepare for, train for and can be very rewarding, like any race you go for. 

This is the biggest election we do each year, where you will be able to stand and vote on who will be in your next Officer Team. This team is made up of 4 full-time officers who are employed by your Union to lead and represent your voice full time for the next academic year. There are also part-time officer roles that are voluntary and undertaken alongside your course.

These elections are typically run to recruit any officer team roles that were not filled in the previous Marathon Race. This is also where we elect any other representative roles that will represent Aston Students as a whole. These roles include your NUS Delegates who will represent Aston students at the National Union of Students National Conference.

These are small elections compared to Marathons and Half Marathons. They are used to enable you to elect who may represent you on your course as a Student Rep or who will be on your club/society committee. There are multiple fun runs throughout the year with loads of different roles that you could stand for. These elections are a great opportunity to get a bit more involved with your Union and see what an election is like if you ever wanted to go for a role in the Marathon.