Why should you think about becoming an SU Officer?


There are loads of reasons why you should think about becoming an SU Officer. Here are some of the best ones.


Because you’re a leader.


Full-Time SU Officers are leaders of the Students’ Union in a very real way. As an Officer, you'd be a trustee and director of the Union. You'd oversee the daily running of the Union, to ensure it’s working in the interests of Aston students, and make real decisions that can change the whole direction of the organisation. In most placements and grad jobs, you start at the bottom: not as an SU Officer. You start right at the top. This is a truly unique opportunity.


Because you want to gain unparalleled experience.


A year as an SU Officer is potentially the best thing you could do for your CV. You’ll gain experience in:

  • project management
  • campaigns
  • event management
  • governance and policy
  • research
  • public speaking
  • attending high-level meetings
  • strategic planning
  • people management
  • partnership work with diverse stakeholders
  • diplomacy
  • negotiation
  • finance

and more.

You’ll benefit from extensive training, networking opportunities with university leadership, politicians, and business leaders, and the complete support of Union staff. Your opportunities after this are practically limitless. It’s a springboard to fantastic careers in business, charity, politics, or education – or pretty much anything else you set your mind to.


You want to make change that you believe in.


You understand students, and you know what needs to change to make the Aston experience better. Being an SU Officer is the most effective way to make change on campus. Think the library could be better? Be our next VP Education. Think mental health services could be improved? Be our next VP Welfare. Think you could run the best events in town? Become our VP Student Activities.


You’re looking for a placement like no other.


Although people often think of Officer positions as something people do after finishing university, a lot of Officers get the idea of running in the election when they’re looking for a placement. It’s a great opportunity – the gross annual salary is over £18.5k, and offers a huge amount of options for ways to develop your professional skills. The elections are also all over by 13 March – so if it doesn’t go to plan there’s still plenty of options to continue your placement search.


Still not sure?


Get in contact with the SU if you'd like to have a chat with a current officer, or to find out more. Email union.voice@aston.ac.uk.