Vice President (Student Activities)

Welcome to Aston

My name is Jake Graham and I am your Vice President Student Activities for the 2018-19 Academic Year.

I think your Aston experience is bigger than your degree and over the next year I will be supporting your student-led Clubs and Societies to achieve a successful year for you.

I will also be working on my manifesto pledges to make the activities we run more inclusive. I really want all students to feel part of a community at Aston so if you have any ideas then get in touch.

Make sure you check out my social media and officer page to stay up to date with what I am working on. Part of a Club and/or Society you will also recieve a regular newsletter from me.

Your experience is more than a degree


What I'm Working On

There are no manifesto pledges available


What is your favourite motivational quote?

"It’s not about hard you hit, it’s about how hard you get hit and keep on going forward."

Rocky Balboa

Tell us a fun fact about yourself

My grandfather was an Auschwitz survivor.

If you had a spirit animal. What would it be and why?

A Piggy!!! I love my food and often find myself metaphorically rolling in mud. I also think just like me, pigs are cute once you get passed the ugly exterior.

What is your favourite book, movie or TV show?

Favourite tv show- nothing to declare

If you could have a meal with someone dead or alive who would it be and why?

I would love to have a meal with Kylie Jenner and see where the night goes!

If you could change one thing this year what would it be?

I want to make sport more inclusive for everybody.

Why did you stand to be an Officer?

I ran for VPSA as I spent years being naughty not really having a care for my education, I took this opportunity as a way to improve my employability but also, I way to give back to an institution which has changed my academic and social life for the better. In addition, my sports club gave me the help I needed to survive at uni so I want to be able to help clubs and societies do the same for other individuals.

What are your top three tips for someone starting at Aston?

Come and speak to me, we’ll grab a coffee as three tips are not enough, there is loads of advice I can give on how you can maximise your experience at Aston. I guess this is where I put my three tips…

  1. - Get involved with everything
  2. - Join clubs and societies
  3. - Engage in the student union!!!!