Resources for Reps

On this page, you'll find a resources and information that could come in handy for you as a Student Rep. If you are asked to sign up for a Staff-Student Committee (SSC) meeting, you will be able to find this below.


Rep Training and Events

No Training Events Planned


You can complete Aston Students' Union's online training session by clicking here.

Rep Resources

Much more coming soon...

  • Topics for Reps

    A 2-page document explaining what are, and what aren't, good topics for discussions between Reps and other students.

  • An Intro to Research

    A document explaining the basics of leading focus groups and designing surveys.

  • Speak Week 2019 Data

    An Excel Spreadsheet with all students' feedback from Speak Week 2019.

  • Speak Week 2019 Report

    A document outlining the key themes uncovered during Speak Week 2019.

Upcoming SSCs

If there is a particularly large number of Reps in your cohort, we will apply a jury-style system of Staff-Student Committee attendance, to ensure that meetings aren't oversubscribed and that everybody gets a fair chance to speak. If this applies to your cohort, we will email you and ask you to sign up to the meeting if you are able to attend. Reps will then be selected at random to attend. Reps who are not selected should liaise with their peers to ensure that their feedback is brought to the meeting. 

No SSCs planned!


Messaging your fellow students


Reps are able to message other students on their course. You can use this to ask for feedback about your course.


If you are a Rep, and you'd like to get permission to send messages to your peers, please read and sign the Student Rep Messaging Terms and Conditions (click!). On the following day, you will have access to the messaging feature of the website. To use this, do the following:

1. Click the cog symbol at the top of the page...

2. The dropdown should now include your course and year.

Click on it!

3. Click on the 'Messages' icon.

4. Click 'Send Email' , and add recipients by clicking the word 'To', selecting 'Students', and clicking on 'Add Recipients'.

5. Type your message in the 'Message Text' box.

6. Click 'Send'. You're done!

As always, if you have any questions or problems, please email :)