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Speak Week is a whole week dedicated to hearing YOUR voice, organised by your Students’ Union Vice-President Education. We want to get your feedback about all aspects of your university experience - lectures, timetables, assessments, food, accommodation, learning spaces, library resources, placement support... if you've got an opinion on it, we want to hear it. The more feedback we gather, the more accurately we can represent students and make sure your Aston experience is as good as it can be.

By filling in our survey, you will have a chance to win a prize in one of our 20 giveaways! Ranging from food & drink discounts at The Lounge to our star prize of Adventure Golf for 4! Winners of the giveaways will be contacted via your student email.

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For every 100 voices raised using our speak week survey we will do a prize draw for 5 x £10 food and drink vouchers at The Lounge.


For every 100 voices raised we will do prize draws for 10 x FREE Hoodie giveaways at The SU Shop.


For every 100 voices raised we will do prize draws for 5 x FREE Hoodie giveaways with one other item of clothing at The SU Shop.


The final large prize is Adventure Golf for four, 18 holes of mini golf, tasty handmade pizza each and tropical drink each.