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  • Standard Rowing Membership (SRM)£80.00
  • Competition upgrade (Only buy if endorsed by AURC)£40.00
  • Rowing Social Membership£10.00
  • Rowing Club International Placement Membership£40.00
  • Rowing Club alumni membership£10.00
  • Rowing club Placement Membership£10.00



Aston Rowing club are a friendly, welcoming club obsessed with blood, sweat and tears....mainly tears, of joy. With regular training sessions and socials, we accommodate to all ability levels from complete beginners upwards! We row at edgbaston reservoir (115 Reservoir Road, Ladywood, Birmingham, B16 9EE). Curently, there are 4 membership types available:

  • Standard rowing membership
  • Competing membership
  • Cox membership
  • Social membership

Standard rowing membership-  

This membership gives you access to a minimum of 2 coached water sessions per week and one land training session (circuits). You will also be encouraged to perform a number of erg (rowing machine) pieces a week in your own time and possibly via group sessions. You will be updated and invited to all upcoming socials organised by AURC and you will recieve an invitation to the Rowing ball run by Birmingham Rowing Club. You also recieve a silver membership with British Rowing (I know exciting!!!).

You will have the opportunity to compete racing events organised by AURC and BCU (varsity!).

Membership fee- £80 (essential £3 a week!). Membership is not expected to be paid in full during or straight after freshers. It can be paid in installments upto October 31st, after which those wishing to join must pay in full. The first installment must be made by September 30th 2017. 

Competition upgrade-

Standard rowing members who would like to compete at BUCS events, of which there are 4, will have the opportunity to upgrade their membership. This decision will be based upon technique, stamina, erg timings and commitment. There are a limited number of slots available.Those who upgrade will have access to a minimum of 2 further water based sessions run with Birmingham Rowing Club (BRC). These members will automatically become members of BRC and AURC. They will have access to all BRC fine boats and their rowing ability and fitness will accelerate! These members will also have the opportunity to row in other competitions entered by BRC.

These members will need to buy an annual gold membership with British rowing to be allowed to compete in British rowing events, including BUCS. This costs £35 (usually £56).

Membership upgrade- £40. Decision to upgrade will be made and paid for by 31st October 2017.

Cox upgrade- 

Standard rowing members who want to command and steer our racing crews at BUCS events and races attended by BRC can upgrade to this membership. These members must buy a gold membership with British rowing at £35 in order to compete, but pay nothing to AURC. They will also have access to land training sessions run by BRC.

Social membership-

Updated and invited to all AURC socials. Welcome to come to BUCS events and support our competitors!

Membership- £10

We look forward to seeing you all soon!


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