Mind, Body & Grades 'Master Class'

Monday 29 April 2024 / 1pm - 2pm

SU Building, Room 4 & 5

Mind, Body, and Grades is a project brought to you by Aston Student Union's Wellbeing Department and Aston University's Mental Health Team. They teamed up and did a survey during the 'Wellbeing Day' on October 2023, asking us what kind of support we need. Turns out, 78% of us are stressing about exams and assignments! So, they put together a booklet to help us out. 

The booklet is packed with tips on time management, balancing uni life and wellbeing, study tips, support services and much more. They even decided to throw in a masterclass workshop to kickstart our journey to success, teaming up with other support services like the Learning Development Centre (LDC). 

The aim is to give us the tools to take charge of our own wellbeing and study while we're here at Aston University. 

Sign up today for the masterclass and score yourself a limited edition booklet plus a free study goodie bag! 

Date: Monday 29th April 

Time: 13:00pm - 14:00pm 

Location: Student union buidling, Room 4 & 5


£0.00 (Sign Me Up!)