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Aston Hackathon 2019

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This years Hackaton was a creative endeavour where 120+ participants from Aston and beyond took part in building amazing tech based projects to not only showcase their technical ability but also their creativity.

The Sponsors broad themes at the start of the Hackathon included 'Geese taking over the world', '3d Hack' and 'Improving Environmental sustainability'. The projects created along these themes would then qualify for prizes from the Sponsors.

The event took place from Saturday the 2nd of November through to the afternoon of the 3rd of November with participants working through the night on their respective projects. One major trend this year was the creation of games with overpowered geese including but not exclusive to 'untitled anti goose game' and 'Space Goose Flight Sim 2020'.


Some snapshots from the event:


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