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Grad Ball Ticket Price Info

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Today at midday the Students’ Union released the tickets for Graduation Ball 2018. We know that for many students this is the highlight of their final year at Aston, the last swansong to an amazing four years.

We also know the ticket price has been a cause for concern, with some students complaining at the cost of £69, particularly compared to the price of the event in previous years. We felt it prudent to quash the rumours, be transparent and explain why price is what it is.

Fundamentally there are two main reasons for the price increase:

  1. This year’s event will break-even – it will not lose the Union money. Over the last few years, the lower price of the Grad Ball tickets has meant the Union has lost money on the event (in the region of £10,000). We can no longer afford to do this. This means that for this year and future years our services and events such as these have to run on a breakeven basis.
  2. We have also experienced price increases from the ICC and other providers on the night; the three course meal, security, sound and lighting, entertainments - everything costs that little bit more  - and this adds up.

These two reasons (not making a loss and the price increase) account for the difference in price between this year and last.

The Union is not making any money from the event. Assuming we sell the same number of tickets as last year, the ‘profit’ will be around £500 or 50p person, and we have already committed to  ‘spending’ that profit on giveaways and prizes on the night for students to enjoy.

Unfortunately, we cannot release a breakdown of the ticket price, as this is considered 'commercially sensitive' and breach the terms of our contract with the ICC. If you would like to know more about the SU and event finances, please attend the Annual Members' Meeting on 25th April in G11 4-6pm. 

We know it’s a lot of money, but the event is held at one of the premiere conference venues in the country – it’s the same venue that hosts political party conferences and the G8 summit when the world leaders are in town. We think that Aston students want the best and touch of class at the end of their time at University – and this is just that – a touch of class, but we recognise that it might just cost a bit more than some people were expecting. We know some of you are having to wait until your loans come through, don’t worry – we guarantee you’ll be able to buy tickets.

We look forward to hosting 1000 of you for a great night in June, great food, amazing entertainments and an all-round experience you will never forget, with enough social media and selfie-worth material to last a life time. We want as many of you as possible to make the survivors’ photos as the sun comes up the following day, and to have had one of the best nights of your lives. 


Habiba Muhammed-Adamu
3:56pm on 25 Mar 18 If no-one buys the tickets wouldn’t you still be loosing money ??
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