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Important Astonbury Info

Take a look at some of the important information ahead of Astonbury on 7th & 8th June!

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**Start and end timings** 

Day 1: 

Starts at 2:00 pm, Ends at 10:00 pm 

Day 2: ‘All are Welcome’ 

Starts at 12:00 pm, Ends at 4:30 pm 

Day 2: ‘The Big Show’ 

Starts at 6:00 pm, Ends at 11:00 pm 


Location – Aston University Campus, Entry - outside Library 

Event updates on our Instagram 


**ID Requirements for Alcohol Purchase:** 

Please remember that the purchase of alcoholic beverages at the event will require a valid form of identification. Acceptable forms include a passport or driving license. 


**Sunscreen & Umbrella Reminder:** 

The British weather can be unpredictable - so, come prepared for both sun or rain! Don't forget to pack your sunscreen and umbrellas just in case! 


**Re-entry Policy and Security Checks:** 

Should you decide to exit the festival grounds and later return, please be aware that regardless of whether you have a wristband or not, you will be subject to the same security checks that were conducted when you first entered. 


**Entry to Day 2 ‘Big Show’ :** 

The Astonbury site will be cleared from 4:30pm to get the stage ready for the ‘Big Show’ and will reopen from 5:45pm. If you have an ‘All are Welcome’ ticket and a ‘Day 2’ ticket, you will kindly be asked to leave the Astonbury site from 4:30pm and join the queue from the main entrance. You will be subject to the same security checks that were conducted when you first entered.  


**Event Staff Assistance:** 

Identifying our event staff will be easy as they will be wearing yellow/pink high-visibility vests. Please don't hesitate to approach one of our friendly staff members. They will be more than happy to help you. 


With Astonbury just around the corner, we wanted to provide you with some crucial information to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience. Please take a moment to review the following details: 


Performer's Schedule: 

We have an incredible line-up of performers prepared for you at the event! There will be a diverse range of acts throughout the day. You can follow us here to stay updated on all the info. 


Transportation Options: 

To make it convenient for everyone, we recommend exploring various transportation options to reach the venue (Aston University Campus). We advise checking for any potential strikes or disruptions in public transportation beforehand to plan your journey accordingly. For more information visit here 


Cashless Event 

Astonbury is a completely cashless event! Please bring your debit or credit card to make purchases. 


Parking Facilities: 

If you plan to arrive by car, there are parking facilities located near the event venue. We advise checking for nearby parking options in advance to ensure a hassle-free parking experience. For more information visit here 


Cab Drop-off and Pickup Points: 

If you need to take a cab, we recommend utilising app-based cab services. Please familiarise yourself with the available taxi providers in the area, and the designated pick-up points. 


Queueing and Check-in Process: 

To maintain order and streamline the entry process, we have designated queueing areas at the event entrance (outside the Library). Please follow the signage and instructions from our event staff. Ensure you have your QR code ticket and a valid ID with you for the check-in process. 


Prohibited items: 

Please note that the following items are prohibited and you will not be permitted to bring these with you: smoke bombs, flares, all classifications of drugs, offensive weapons, any types of drones, banners, placards, fireworks, paint, megaphones and any other voice amplification devices.  


Lost and Found Policy: 

In the unfortunate event of losing any personal belongings during the event, we have a dedicated Lost and Found area. Please report any lost items to our event staff, who will assist you in the recovery process. We recommend labelling your belongings to help us identify and return them to you efficiently. 


Medical and Emergency Tents: 

The safety and well-being of our attendees are of utmost importance. We have medical and emergency tents set up on-site, staffed with trained professionals to provide any necessary medical assistance. If you require medical attention or encounter an emergency, please locate these tents, or notify the nearest event staff member.  


Valuables and Cloakrooms/Lockers: 

Please note that we do not provide cloakrooms or lockers at the event. We advise you to take responsibility for your personal valuables and keep them secure throughout the day. We recommend minimising the number of valuable items you always bring and keeping them in a secure bag or pocket. 


Please note that if you have bought your ticket after 2nd June, you can catch up on our earlier pre-event communications here - 

We hope that this information helps you prepare for the event. If you have any further queries or require additional assistance, please feel free to reach out to us here. We are here to ensure you have a fantastic experience! 

Thank you for your attention, and see you on campus soon! ???? 



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