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Wishing you all seasonal greetings!
It’s time to sing all those lovely Christmas songs...on repeat until your friends get annoyed at you.

Christmas holidays are almost here and I want you all to take a break. Just sit back and enjoy family/friends time. Have fun revising of course (sarcasm), but do make time for yourself.

Make sure you wrap up warm because me and Alice are on hat patrol.

 Lots of love from Amna xoxo 

ASU Podcast #6 is LIVE now! 

In this week's special Travel Edition, Amna and Alice discuss how Bath is just like in the pictures, the amazing traffic lights of Vienna, and their thought-provoking trip to Auschwitz.



We are happy to announce that Aston Students’ Union has won an NUS Award for their 2018 Black History Month campaign!

Salma Amin (SU Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Officer) and Aston Students’ Union planned a Black History Month liberation campaign during October to celebrate black history, culture and heritage.


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Aston Students' Union is a student-led, democratic organisation.
Every year, students are elected to form the Executive Team. Any Aston student can stand in the election, and any Aston student can vote. Elections will take place in March 2019. 

If you know an Aston student who you think would be a great Officer,
you can use this form to let them know anonymously!

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Fancy something a bit different this Saturday?  

We’ll be heading to the award-winning Victorian Christmas markets this Saturday in the historic town of Stratford-upon-Avon!
Not only can you enjoy some fantastic performances and have a go on the funfair, but you can even see Shakespeare’s place of birth and childhood home!
Buy tickets for just £6 (or £5 if you are part of the international buddy scheme)



We have lots of international students looking for buddies to show them what it’s like being a student in the UK. Or maybe you’re an international student that missed out in term 1?
Either way, all you have to do is fill out this quick form to be part of the International Buddy Scheme!

Find out more HERE and find our FORM here 


Placement experience seems unknown and mysterious when you are doing your 1st and 2nd year. You may feel excited but stressed about it at the same time.
What should you start with? How to make the right choice?

If you are curious to find out how it feels to be a placement student, check out our #truePLACEMENTstories blog, where 3rd-year students have been sharing their top tips on how to get through the placement search process as well as providing you with the insight about working/studying in the UK and abroad. 



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