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We're burying a Time Capsule

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**We're burying a TIME CAPSULE**
As you can see, the groundwork on the #NewSU site is pretty much complete, and the steel frame will start to go up in the next few weeks.

While the ground is still exposed, we thought it would be a bit of fun to bury a time capsule filled with loads of stuff that represents Aston and what it means to our students. Future generations of students could find it, and see what we were all about.

If you've got an idea for something to go in, however weird or wonderful, please comment below. The best suggestions will go in the time capsule, and those who came up with the ideas can be on site for the burial. 

We'll be accepting entries until 22nd get suggesting!!


Daisy Hamilton
4:15pm on 19 Apr 18 Photos from AU Ball/Grad Ball so that they can see how fashions have changed
Devang Shah
3:54pm on 19 Apr 18 Aston auntie t shirt? Gosta more card?
Dermot McCloskey
3:04pm on 19 Apr 18 I've got a few suggestions. If you're truly trying to capture a snapshot of what it's like to exist in 2018, you definitely need to fill it with some memes. I'm talking WalMart-yodel-kid, salt-bae, Kermit, why-you-lyin for, sad Michael Jackson, 'okay' man. Memes may have died out by 2068 but they're really a part of existence now. My next suggestion would be a MacDonald's double cheese-burger. That way the person opening it has an edible snack waiting for them. My third suggestion would be some sort of steel Rolex still in it's complete packaging. They tend to increase in value over time so Aston might be able to sell it in 2068 for a hefty profit. The profit could then go towards finishing the Student Union, I think they'll almost have the window frames in by then.
Malcolm Lawrie
11:52am on 17 Apr 18 I've got some old Charter Ball/May Ball posters. Any good to you?
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