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LoL is a society which is definitely needed in order to make a change! Women now outnumber men in terms of the proportion which is entering the field. Yet we are voiceless. Our society plans on changing that. 

We will have a voice! 

We have the opportunity to create a better foundation for any woman in the legal sector. 


  • Join us in creating a safe space for all women representing themselves in law. We will hold interactive sessions in which we listen to your needs, what can we do for you as a society? 
  • Join our female guest-speakers in focused sessions. We will hold conferences about; society’s toxic expectations, gender pay gaps and much more. What would you like to hear?
  • Join us for job preparation. We will hold mock interviews, CV workshops, placement tips. We are also looking to collaborate with employability specialists! What can we help you with? 
  • Join us for academic tips. We will hold ‘revision & resource sessions’, implement study buddies, and provide advice for coping mechanisms with exam stress. Is there anything else we can do for you? 
  • Join us for both extra-curricular activities and social events. We are looking to host ‘debate + pizza nights’, mock court cases. Help us to ensure everyone has a good experience at university!


Meet our Committee: 

President: Alisha Hassan 

Vice-President: Sadaf Sadri

Vice-President: Clarissa Raybe 


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